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ZEN - solo

Wadi Finan Art Gallery - Amman, Jordan


Unlike my last solo exhibition, which explored the urban environment, this exhibition is an exploration of our connection with the natural world. The works were largely inspired by a hiking trip that I took in an incredible forest in the Himalayas where I found myself alone for a period of time- like a bird – lost, free and a little scared, but at peace. There was no noise, no people, no thoughts- just the sounds of the forest and my hiking pole tapping the ground. I was occupied with nothing but the magnificent beauty that surrounded me and focused on nothing but the ground ahead of me. It was truly a zen moment. The physical and mental escape that one finds in nature is invigorating, refreshing and empowering.


The pieces in this exhibition are heavily influenced by my renewed relationship with nature, by my recent rediscovery of its healing power and its ability to give one inner peace, and by my newfound appreciation of its beauty and its grandeur. I sought to capture themes of life, balance, serenity and rebirth through organic forms such as rocks, nests, birds, fish, cells, leaves and eyes, while the lines and pathways symbolize the interconnectedness of nature and how we must stay connected to it. It is my first foray into semi abstraction and I relied heavily on mixed media, focusing on texture and layers- just as nature itself is textured, layered and complex- and we are as well. The colours are revitalizing and happy- as is nature’s effects on the soul and spirit.