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Dirimart Gallery- Istanbul, Turkey

For this exhibition I surrendered to spontaneity and embraced the freedom of abstraction, whereby the method I employed involved the creation of layers of chaos through a series of random impulsive actions, after which I reexamine what has emerged on the canvas. I find myself searching for what is of value and what is dispensable. This pleasantly challenging process is repeated several times, layer after layer of chaos followed by “sanity”, until the work tells me that it is complete. The result is a cornucopia of colour and texture dancing and interacting within multilayered organic forms. 


As I worked on these pieces I began to draw interesting parallels in life and on the importance of optimism and positive thinking. Sometimes you find yourself in circumstances beyond your control and at the mercy of what life throws at you, where the only thing you can govern is the shaping of your outlook and of how you make the best of chaos or adversity. You are compelled to seek value, light, colour, humour, joy and beauty. The “search” for sweetness amid life’s sour lemons becomes a must – just in the same way you ponder a seemingly chaotic canvas searching for the beautiful and essential. 


Mixed media and texture are always an important part of my work and I relied on them extensively for this exhibition. I sought to create pieces that are layered and complex yet soothing, fresh and happy - just like lemonade.